Cadets take part in training weekend with 3 Royal Anglian

9 October 2018

A selection of senior cadets were invited to a training weekend with 3 Royal Anglian.

The cadets arrived at Beckingham camp late on Friday night. They settled down into their accommodation for the night. In the morning they woke up early where they enjoyed a nice breakfast and got on with training.

The training consisted of several stands throughout the day. The first stand was a section attack, where the cadets showed their ability and training to perform as a section whilst under attack. Each stand was assessed over the weekend.

The second stand was a navigation where the cadets had to use their map reading and compass skills to reach certain checkpoints.

The third stand was an introduction stand where the cadets could get their hands on a Gloch side arm and were shown how to use it on the range. They also were introduced to the new virtus system and helmet which is the new webbing the army are using as well as a night and day system.

The fourth stand was an introduction to the General Purpose machine Gun sustained fire roll. The cadets also had the chance to fire the machine gun on fully automatic. The cadets really enjoyed this amazing experience.

The final stand for the day was the signals stand. There was a demonstration of the new radios and kit that they will be able to use later in their cadet career.

Later they turned in for the night and enjoyed a little free time before they got their heads down for the night.

Early on Sunday the cadets woke up to start the stands for the day.

The first stand of the day was patrol ally. This tested the cadets stalking skills and their fire team capabilities. The cadets were complimented on their really good drills whilst taking part in the exercise.

The second stand was the 81mm mortar team and an introduction on how it all works. The cadets really enjoyed learning about this and looking at the equipment.

The final stand was a command task where the cadets had to transport equipment over a river including barrels, a pallet, bergens and other kit. This task was achieved in 30 minutes and these cadets were the only team to complete the challenge.

They finally all came back together were they were all congratulated from 3 Royal Anglian 2nd in command. Overall, the cadets had a fantastic weekend; they worked extremely well together and were a credit to Cambridgeshire ACF.