Cadets take part in Combat Cadet 2019

2 April 2019

On Friday 22nd March cadets from the three companies converged on County headquarters in anticipation of a great weekend’s training – Combat Cadet 2019.

On arrival at Bodney camp (part of STANTA) it was a hectic couple of hours of briefings, dropping off kit, collecting new kit and making sure everyone and their equipment was prepared for the following two days. Once that was done by 1130 it was off to the accommodation for some well deserved rest.

Reveille was at 0530 so some enterprising adults took the opportunity to rise at 0500 for a leisurely shower – rudely interrupted by a 0515 fire drill – leading to some interesting states of dress and beards on arrival at the assembly point.

After a hearty breakfast teams – as sections - formed into their platoons before moving in convoy onto the training area and into their training locations. Various tasks had to be completed at each location including a march and shoot where teams had to travel 1 ½ miles in their best time followed by a shoot following fire control orders, navigation and patrolling in a set area.

After lunch the platoon moved to the FOB where training in the art of house clearing, casualty evacuation, observation and working in tunnels was carried out in readiness for a major company level operation taking place later that evening where all the platoons joined together to carry out a clearance of streets and houses amid much noise and smoke.

Sunday morning found 3 Platoon at Mortimers Farm where they patrolled a lane engaging targets that appeared at random intervals – all good practice for working in pairs. Moving to more stands where tests of military knowledge and kit checks were carried out it was then on to a section attack phase taking on an enemy location with fire support and more smoke.

At the results ceremony tensions were high as team names were called out in reverse order. All the bronze teams were mentioned with no sign of Cambridgeshire – same with Silver – so we knew we were fairly high. Gold was now being called and Cambridgeshire ACF along with Norfolk ACF were the only ACFs among a herd of CCFs. Overall ACF was…….Norfolk, leaving Cambridgeshire in 6th position overall. A very fine performance by all with vows of winning it next year.