Cadets from Burwell Support members of local community

22 December 2017

Cadets from Burwell detachment decided to help in their local community by donating a hamper and flowers to two extremely deserving causes. Detachment commander SSI Moller was approched by a cadets parent about an elderly lady who needed some support. Shirley is 82 years old and walks to the local shop everyday to get her shopping for herself and her disabled son. The trip takes her an hour and a half each way as well as carrying heavy shopping bags back to her house. The cadets decided to show the community true Christmas spirit and decided to donate items so a hamper could be made up for her.

The cadets then did some research on the lady and found out that she is a member of a day centre for the elderly called Ness Court. The local vicar heard of what the cadets were planning and explained to the detachment how wonderful Shirley is and how she devotes her life to looking after and supporting her disabled son. This made the cadets even more determined to help and support her.

SSI Moller tasked Cadet L/Cpl Pavitt with starting the process of collecting items for the hamper. The cadets started collecting tins of soup and other food items as well as toiletries. They collected so much that that they were able to make two hampers as well as flowers.

The smaller hamper was donated to Ness Court for their Christmas raffle and the bigger hamper was donated to Shirley for her to enjoy over the Christmas period, as well as a bouquet of flowers given to both.

After the presentations the cadets then enjoyed a buffet and their end of year party.