Cadets from 1 Company take part in March Camp

18 March 2019

Cadets from 1 (Hereward) Company enjoy March camp

Over 100 cadets and instructors enjoyed a training weekend at Waterbeach cadet training centre.

The cadets and instructors arrived on Friday night, brief given and the cadets settled in, they enjoyed some free time before training started on Saturday morning.

Morning broke and the cadets woke up from a good night’s sleep. The smell of breakfast filled the training centre and the cadets laughed and joked with each other ready for the start of training.

Following parade after breakfast, they were split into separate training ability groups. The basic group were under the watchful eye of Lt Murat and her staff. They concentrated on Army Proficiency Certificate training (APC) as well as basic skill at arms, drill and turn out and basic navigation.

The one stars were under the supervision of Lt Bradbury training started with Skill at arms as well as completing weapons handling tests. After this, the cadets went onto field craft and navigation training, ready for their navigation and expedition walk on the Sunday.

The two star cadets under Sergeant Major Mackenzie consideration on navigation training so they could complete their Navigation and map and compass training on the Sunday. Some of the 2 star cadets were also split into APC training. Over the weekend they completed drill and turn out as well as other subjects.

The Expedition two star cadets were being led by Sergeant Major Perry, The cadets worked on their route cards and plotting their route before they left Waterbeach for their days walking.

The senior cadets were under the watchful eye of Capt. Findlater, They took part in both APC training such as banner drill and in the afternoon, they enjoyed working with Sergeant Liddington who introduced them to STEM training.

After training finished on Saturday the cadets enjoy some down time where they had a chance to socialise with each other and spend some money on NAAFI.

On the Sunday training carried on followed by final parade. During final parade, there were a number of awards and promotions presented by the OC Major L Deacon. Cdts Lusher and Palmer received their basic badge and certificate. CVQO ILM Level 2 Young Leader Award certificates were presented to Cdt Vitovs, Cdt L/Cpls Barrett, Brooks, Hodsdon, Keedy & O’Connor with BTec Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork & Personal Development certificate and badge presented Cdt Cpl Hillier. Finally, Cdt Cpls Banks, Hillier and Murphy were all promoted to Cdt Sergeants.

Many training passes were achieved over the weekend and the cadets worked extremely hard throughout.