Cadet RSM Wins Second Place in Champion Cadet at Frimley

21 September 2017

Ever year in august, the national Cadet Training Centre (CTC) Frimley Park hosts a nationwide competition called Champion Cadet. With 85,000 cadets across the UK, the top 15 attend the annual competition.

The competition is from Tuesday through to Friday and tests the expert cadets on all the elements to being a senior cadet, this is done through theory questions, practical tests and demonstration through scenarios. The cadet removes all flashes, rank slides and berets and wear coloured bibs with numbers on them so everyone is assessed fairly.

Areas of assessment include; fieldcraft (orders process), range shooting and a march and shoot, PT (orienteering and group TABs), first aid (realistic assessed scenarios), command tasks (written problem solving based scenario task), drill (taking and performing foot drill and rifle drill), Navigation (a 5-hour individual night navigation), and Military Knowledge (a 100-question knowledge booklet on all aspects of cadets – from CFIT and AT theory to fieldcraft and Drill knowledge)

They also had to complete a 5-minute presentation to the Commandant, Chief Instructor and RSM about an inspirational leader of your choice.

The competition was topped off with a formal mess dinner and a presentation of the winner who carries the title of ‘Champion Cadet’.

Emily worked extremely hard throughout the competition and demonstrated all the core values and expectation of a great cadet.

Emily was awarded 2nd place, meaning that she is the second-best cadet out of the 85,000cadets – Emily received a commandant coin for her performance throughout the competition.

She is an amazing representation of Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force and will continue to serve us proudly as our Cadet RSM.