Brigadier Seal visits Chatteris Detachment

7 March 2019

Honorary Colonel and Brigadier Tim Seal visited Chatteris detachment to hand out awards, promotions and certificates to cadets and instructors at Chatteris detachment on Wednesday night.

Brigadier Seal first inspected the parade, whilst he spoke to the cadets about why they joined and how long they had been in the cadets for. Once the inspection had finished he promoted several cadets. The first cadet promotion was for Cpl Tuffee to Cadet Sergeant. The next promotions were for three cadets being promoted from L/Cpl to Cpl - as follows; Cox, Hill and McLean.

The final three promotions were from Cadet to L/Cpl: these were awarded to Akers, Sharman and Spring.

At the end of the first parade, the cadets fell out to start their lessons. Brigadier Seal had a tour of the detachment whilst observing the lessons being taught. The first lesson given by Cpl Mclean was First Aid; Brigadier Seal spoke to the cadets at length about the importance of first aid training as well as the life skills they would gain.

The second lesson was on field craft and section attacks. Once again, SCIC cadets had the privilege of teaching this whilst Brigadier Seal looked on.

The final lesson was a basic lesson on Navigation and map symbols as well as 6-Figure grid references. Again, Brigadier Seal chatted to the cadets during the lesson and asked questions on how they figured out the 6-figure grid reference on the symbol.

Once the first half of the evening was over it was time for NAAFI break, during which the cadets had a chance to speak to Brigadier Seal explaining how much they enjoyed cadets as well as being at Chatteris detachment.

The final stop on the tour of the detachment was the range, which was being run by SSI Rudderham. Brigadier Seal spoke to the cadets about his role in the shooting world and about their shooting. He also had a shoot himself.

At the end of a successful evening, it was time for the final parade and another busy time as Brigadier Seal had been asked to issue more awards:

The first certificates and badges were for APC star award passes; first a 4 star complete awarded to Sgt Matas followed by 2 star for L/Cpl Gambles and 1 star for L/Cpl Spring, L/Cpl Akers and L/Cpl Sharman.

EFAW (Emergency First Aid) certificates were awarded to Sgt Tuffee, L/Cpl Windass, Cpl Bissett, Cpl Scott and Cpl Mclean.

ILM Level 2 Young Leaders Award certificates were awarded to Cpl Cox, Cpl McLean and Cadet Magan.

Football badges were awarded to Sgt Matas, Sgt Tuffee, Cadets Matas, McAdam and Day.

Heart start Certificates were awarded to Cadets Day, Miller, Feast, Hollis-Waugh, Hawker, Zeka, McAdam, Donger and Draper.

The final awards for the evening were the ACF Certificate of Good Service. These are only awarded one per county a year for cadets and one for adult instructors. The certificate for the cadet was for Cadet CSM Rudderham, for his commitment to the cadet force, as well as his achievements during his time served.

The last certificate of the evening, ACF Certificate of Good Service, was awarded to the detachment commander of Chatteris detachment, SSI Bullman, This was the because SSI Bullman had brought on Chatteris detachment so much that he regularly has 48 Cadets parading most weeks. The detachment is a hive of activity and a well-deserved award for his selfless commitment to the detachment and Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force.

All of the cadets at the detachment behaved fantastically during the evening and are a credit to SSI Bullman and his team of instructors.