Battle exercise with the 3rd battalion(Steelback) Royal Anglian’s - January

4 February 2018

Cadet SSGT Jacob Dunn

The weekend started off on the Friday night with all the selected cadets arriving at CTC to then prep the bus for the journey down to Thetford where the Royal Anglian’s were. Once we got to the training area were all eager and ready to go but sadly we were told to go to bed as not all of the battalion was there as the battalion covers such a huge area. The next morning we were all up at six with our section going through their routine. Once we finished that we were provided with ammunition for the day with all of us cadets with more than 5 magazines to use keeping in mind about our rates of fire and our personal conservation of ammunition.
The first attacks were a single enemy position with a section patrolling towards them fighting through the positions. Only Cadet CPL Travis Norman and I were used for these initial attacks. We both felt that we gained skills from watching the sections fight through the positions and using the use of smoke to hide movement. We moved to the second attack which consisted of Cadet CPL Travis Norman and Cadet L/Cpl George Pauley at the first enemy position then Cadet CPL Justinas Slicas, Cadet L/Cpl Tom Kite and myself at another position which was in depth from the first. At the same time there was another section attack being carried out on Cadet SGT Mason Annis, Cadet CPL Benjamin Durrant, Cadet CPL Drew Mclean and Cadet L/Cpl Oliver Read.
After these attacks happened and they switched over we had a chance to watch a platoon go through a built up area and see how they dealt with the enemy in buildings and around them. Once this was over we were given the opportunity to look at some of the night vision equipment unaware that the enemy were carrying out a close target recce on our position. Then on the Sunday morning we were in a snake shape and the platoon came under attack and had to carry out a platoon attack on us.
We had the regular soldiers from the regiment thank us for all of our help and said that they covered over 50% more because they didn’t have to pull anyone out for the platoon to play enemy, they were so happy that they have asked for our support on later events in the year.