Annual Camp Day 8 - Saturday 3rd

3 August 2019

Today's weather has been warm and sunny.

Cadets and instructors have been today put back into companies ready for their march and shoot competition, skills competition and their drill competition.

The march and shoot competition consisted of two stands, the cadets marched out to the stands where they chose 2 members of their group to shoot clays, the fastest 10 shots won, and they chose 3 members of their team shoot at archery. Best score won.

The skills competition consisted of a signals stand, first aid stand and the climbing wall.

The drill competition consisted of a selection of cadets from each company and the cadet company sergeant major. The cadet CSM then had a drill sequence that he had to follow.

Once the competition phase had finished the cadets all returned to camp where they got themselves sorted ready for final parade. On parade there were plenty of presentations to give out :-

Yellow stripes awarded for completion of adult IIC training -

PI Neaverson

PI Hucthings

PI Cabel-Erazo

PI Rogerson

PI Carlton

Sgt stripes were awarded for completion of the induction syllabus -

PI Bell

PI Summersell

Promotions were presented to -

SI Silveri 1 company to Staff sergeant

Cadets staff sergeant Phipps, 2 company to cadet Sergeant Major and master cadet

Cadet Sergeant Banks 1 company to staff sergeant

Cadets Sergeant white M, 2 company to staff sergeant

Winner of the Viking Shield for the best cadre field exercise was awarded to 1 Company

Winner of the inter company march and shoot awarded to 2 company senior team

Winner of the drill competition awarded to 2 company

Winner of the bob turner shield for the most improved detachment St Ives detachment

winner of the county potted sports shield awarded to 3 company

Winner of the best billet during camp awarded to Block number 95 Walton detachment

Winner of the PSS best detachment awarded to Linton Detachment

Winner of the Lucas tooth Shield which is awarded to the company with the most full APC passes in the year was awarded to 3 Company

commandants coin awards for outstanding contribution, performance and dedication to the cadets experience on annual camp and overseas training, over and above normal duties are awarded to -

2nd Lieutenant Houghton

2nd Lieutenant Burch

Cadet Cpl Bruno Ely Detachment

Cadet McAdam, Chatteris detachment

The welfare team who have supported the camp were given gifts of thanks for their help and support. They were also given a commandants coin.

Tonight the cadets are enjoying a disco and packing up their kit ready to move out tomorrow.