Annual camp day 5 - Wednesday

31 July 2019

today's weather has been overcast with occasional showers.

Junior Cadre

The junior Cadre enjoyed their day on the range as well as the chance to enjoy laser tag again. The cadets enjoyed their live shooting and completed their shoot to pass their star levels.

Intermediate cadre

The intermediate cadre enjoyed motorbikes this morning followed by getting ready for their field exercise. This included packing kit and after lunch they deployed out into the field where they will start their lessons.

Senior Cadre

The senior cadre spent their last day in the field, they took part in exercises and arrived back into camp where they had the chance to have a well needed shower.

Specialist training

Half of the Signals cadre enjoyed a day off from signals and spent the day enjoying their AT packages. The 2 star exped group enjoyed AT as well and the 3 Star expedition group finished their final day walking and arrived back at Croxton road.

The cadres have really enjoyed their activities today.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows update.