Annual Camp 2017 Day 6

11 August 2017

We have enjoyed a day without any rain, and with glorious sunshine.

The Junior Cadre all survived their night on the training area and were in high spirits for the final activities of their 2 day exercise.  Tonight their army beds in West Tofts camp will seem luxurious! 

The Intermediate Cadre deployed into onto the training area for their overnight exercise; they established a patrol base and tonight are sending out patrols.  Enemy for the exercise is again being provided by the Cambridge Regional College ACF Detachment. 

The Senior Cadre today fired the cadet 5.56mm rifles on an electronic target range with targets at both 100m and 200m. Those cadets who missed riding the motor-bikes yesterday, did so this afternoon.

Additionally, cadets on the 3 Star First Aid training had the opportunity to use an automatic emergency defibrillator (AED).

Preparations for the Open Day this year at Annul Camp continue; this Saturday afternoon from 2:00pm and followed by a County Parade.