Annual Camp 2017 Day 5

9 August 2017

This morning, with all cadets having slept in West Tofts Camp, we awoke to heavy rainfall.  The County Training Officer re-jigged the training programme. 

The Senior Cadre were able to participate some of the adventure training activities - shotgun and archery - as well as some military training in one of the buildings on the training area. Cadets in the Intermediate Cadre continue with live firing on the range as well as Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) syllabus training. They also prepared for their 2 day exercise in the field. The Junior Cadre deployed into the field, also joined by the Padre, established a base and mounted patrols.  Another 40 cadets continued JNCO cadre and signals training.

Our new adult instructors (PIs) presented more practice lessons, theory and practical, to each other as well as supporting the cadres.  In the presence of the Commandant, seven of our PIs this evening took the cadet force adult instructor promise.

Today we also welcomed three visitors from East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association; Major General Smith, Colonel Wilkinson and Paul Bishop. They were very impressed with our cadets, particularly their robustness in dealing with the wet weather.