Additional Deputy Commandant - Cambridgeshire ACF

13 December 2017

Cambridgeshire ACF announce the appointment of Lieutentant Colonel Tony Cattermole as Deputy Commandant – Admin & Support  wef 30th November 2017.

Being no stranger to the cadet world..…. Lieutenant Colonel Tony Cattermole RA started his career in the military in 1968 as part of a thriving Whittlesey Army Cadet Force -  shooting, drill and being part of the marching band was great fun and exciting times.  After leaving Sir Harry Smith Community College in 1972 with four good Army cadet friends who all joined the Army, Tony went to Bramcote to be a Junior Leader in the Royal Artillery. His time spent in the Junior Leaders Regiment was enjoyable and rewarding, learning to ski and representing the Regiment at numerous sports helped him to progress through the ranks to the top appointment of Junior Regimental Sergeant Major. He completed his trade training as a Technical Assistant Royal Artillery and his final task was to be the Parade Commander of 800 Junior Leaders, this was certainly a highlight of his young career.

During his adult career he progressed from Gunner to Lieutenant Colonel, serving in Germany, Northern Ireland, Canada, USA, Balkans and the UK, holding numerous leadership appointments along the way. He mainly specialised in Artillery Training and Leadership Development as well as Safety and Welfare Management in various positions and at different ranks.

Along with his wife Anita of 40 years they always knew they would return to Whittlesey at the end of Tony's military career and they did just that after 40 fantastic years in 2012 settling into their own home after moving nineteen times and living in a variety of military quarters around the world.

Since retirement from the Regular Army as a Lieutenant Colonel Tony has been working for 158 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps as a Full Time Reserves Soldier in Peterborough as their Regimental Career Management Officer. Seeing cadets in the drill hall and on parade at remembrance services brought back good memories of where he started and with 1(Hereward) Company having their Headquarters in the same location as where he worked, thought that it would be a good time to join Army Cadet Force as an Adult Instructor, this he did and took up the appointment as Company Commander of No1 (Hereward) Company in 2015 and has had three enjoyable years.

He believes that clear direction and leadership are key to an effective youth organisation and, therefore, a successful Army Cadet Force.  With a proven track record of managing individuals and teams of young men and women through change in some challenging times, he believes that this experience would be of value to the Army Cadet Force and especially in the position of Deputy Commandant.  It is, therefore, his privilege now to take up this position to help support and take forward, adult Instructors and Cadets by using his knowledge, experience and professional skills to assist Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force in any way he can.

The appointment of a second Deputy Commandant will allow the Deputy Commandants duties, as laid down in ACF Regulations, to be allocated between both DCC’s to bring extra resource, experience and knowledge which will in turn increase efficiency in the management of the County.

The County Comandant Colonel Mark Knight MBE said "I am delighted to have the support of both Lt Col’s Trevor and Tony to help take Cambridgeshire ACF into 2018 and enable us to strive to be the best performing ACF County in the Country."