3 Detachments in 1 Company Enjoy Mess Dinner Night

7 December 2017

Fletton, Talavera and Whittlesey detachments enjoyed a mess dinner night held at the Farmers in Yaxley.

OC Major Tony Cattermole said grace and the cadets were all seated ready for their dinner. Dinner consisted of a carvery where the cadets piled their plates high, full of food. Pudding after was a selection of different cakes.

After the dinner, Mr Vice SI Jake Wharton completed the toasts, and the presentation could then begin.

Talavera detachment was first. AUO Willis who is the detachment commander had chosen the cadets throughout the year to win the awards.

L/Cpl Cody Taylor won best boots in the detachment. This is for putting the best effort into cleaning his boots in the year. He was awarded a boot as well as a little shield which he can keep at home.

Cadet Tamzin Keedy won most improved cadet in the year. L/Cpl William Kirby won best cadet in the detachment. Finally, Cadet Staff Sergeant Sophie Hobbs (Walton) received a token of thanks for outstanding commitment to the detachment after assisting at the detachment even though it’s not her own, over the last year.

The next awards were for cadets from Fletton Detachment Lieutenant Dan Baker spent the year deciding who would be eligible for the awards.

The best cadet award then went to Cadet Sladkeviciute.

The best NCO in the detachment went to Cpl Coulson.

Best attendance in cadets during the year went to Cadet A Kilgallen.

And the final award went to Cpl Goakes, who received a leaving gift as because of age restrictions will sadly have to leave the detachment in the next few weeks.

Two cadets also received promotions. They were Cadets Sladkeviciute and Cadet Kilgallen who both received the rank of L/Cpl.

All the cadets really enjoyed themselves during the evening. They had the chance to socialise and see the officers in Mess kit.

The OC of 1 Company Major Tony Cattermole said, “I think it’s really important for cadets to experience a mess dinner. They have all clearly enjoyed themselves. It’s also a really good way for the instructors to thank the cadets for all their hard work over the past year.”