Annual Camp Day 6 - Thursday

2 August 2019

Today's weather has been warm and sunny.

Junior Cadre

The junior Cadre enjoyed the morning preparing all their kit ready for their field exercise. As well as sorting their kit out they were taught some lessons in class before deploying out after lunch time. Once out in the field, harbour areas were built and their exercise phase began.

Intermediate cadre

The intermediate cadre enjoyed a good nights sleep before their final bit in the field. They then arrived back into camp before clean up followed by swimming.

Senior Cadre

The senior cadre spent the day on the ranges shooting as well as laser quest as a background activity. They enjoyed sports in the evening.

Specialist training

The Signals cadre carried on with their signals training and the expedition group finished their final walk before heading back to Croxton road for a well earned rest.

The cadres have really enjoyed their activities today.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows update.