1 Company Take part in Pre-camp

3 July 2019

Pre-camp is one of the highlights of a cadet’s year where cadets look forward to field exercises and pre-camp is exactly that.

The camp runs from a Friday evening until

Sunday afternoon. The cadets spent the whole time in the field enjoying training and testing, ready to embark on their journey to Annual camp.

1 company spent the weekend at Waterbeach on the training area, the weather was really hot and the cadets had to cope with tempratures over 30 degrees. Due to the heat the training was toned down and moved into the shade at all times, lots of water taken on-board

while the cadets enjoyed all the training offered; for some it was the first time they had spent the night in the field with

the owls at night as well as other wildlife. They had two good night’s rest and thoroughly enjoyed their camp.

During camp there were several exercises where the cadets enjoyed blank firing on enemy positions. On the

Sunday morning some of the cadets were rudely woken

by the sound of gunfire; the one stars were able to fight back, whilst the basic cadets had the chance to learn about 'Stand to' positions.

The cadets and instructors coped extremely well with the extreme heat. All the cadets are now ready to go and enjoy

Annual camp.