Battlefield Tour 2018

Sun Oct 21, 2018 - Wed Oct 24, 2018


This Battle Field Tour provides an outstanding opportunity for both cadets and Escort Officers/CFAVs to experience a range of visits in a foreign environment. It is essential that we select high calibre cadets and CFAVs who will make the most of the opportunity and who will be positive ambassadors for Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force. In order to ensure this, it is vital that the nominating detachments and Company HQs confirm that the details contained within the application forms are accurate and honest.

Cadet requirements. Company Headquarters are to be the Point of Contacts for the initial engagement with cadets interested in attending and names are to be bid onto the Westminster event and left at ‘Pending’.

Any Cadets who take part in the BFT as a student must be ideally 15 years of age or older at the time of the exchange. No 18 year old Cadets will be allowed to take part.

Cadets must be on the strength of their ACF Detachment and parading regularly at the time of the selection to the time of the visit.

There will be a County selection event; details are contained later in this calling notice. Cadets must be available to attend this event.

Nominations. Nominations are required for Cadets, Escort Officers and Adult Instructors to attend the following activities:

Cadet Selection Challenge Course. Cadets are to be 2 Star ACF complete. They should ideally be 15 years or older on 21 October 18 and have at least one year to serve as a cadet.

Cadet Research and Development Course. . Cadets are to be 2 Star ACF complete. They should ideally be 15 years or older on 21 October 18 and have at least one year to serve as a cadet. They must have attended the Selection Challenge Course.

BFT Assembly October 2018. The main party consisting of Escort Officers/ Instructors and Cadets will assemble at Waterbeach CTC on Sunday 21st October 2018 for briefing and final administration prior to departing to France on Monday 22nd October. BFT dates are 21 October to 24 October 2018 inclusive; dispersal will be from Waterbeach CTC on Wednesday 24 October 2018.

Personal Financial Contribution. Cadets hoping to participate in the BFT programme must be prepared to:

Provide a £25 deposit cheque made payable to Cambridgeshire ACF Management Fund (to cover the cost of adjustments to the booking should any cadet withdraw after selection). Cheques will be returned if cadets are de-selected. Cheques are to be included when accepting an offer of a place on the Selection weekend on 9 Feb 18 . A further payment of £75 will be required by 30 June 2018

Cadets will also have to make contribution towards their weekend selection and Research and Development weekends at a cost of £20 per weekend.

Cadets will also need at least £50 pocket money. All living and travel costs in France are paid by Cambridgeshire ACF from the Heritage Lottery Fund Grant

All cadets should have a passport that is valid until 1 May 19. Non UK passports are acceptable but holders of non EU passports will be required to gain a French visa by 1 May 18. If you would like more information on where the cadets are staying then please follow the link to the NTS website. On there you will find what the cadets will be doing during the tour, as well as information on where they are stayin. Stay up to date with everything we are doing on this event. Please keep checking the event for more information.