Volunteers Week 2019

7 June 2019

This week has been #volunteersweek and we are saying a massive thank you to our amazing #volunteers. We've been talking to some of our volunteers to find out why they volunteer:

AUO Hodges

Firstly we're focusing on AUO Amanda Hodges who is the Detachment Commander 4th Aylesbury Platoon and also the County Sports Officer.
She told us "I came back to Cadets almost 20 years after being a Cadet! I had such an amazing time and got loads out of all the activities. I was lucky and I got to go on plenty of camps and trips in the UK and Overseas.
I can't name one of my School teachers from that time, but I can still remember the names of all my Detatchment staff and Detatchment Commanders I had as a Cadet they made such an huge impression on me and gave me some invaluable life skills I am still using today. Thats why I came back to the ACF, to try and offer the same experience I had as a Cadet and to be a positive role model."

She continues "I really enjoy putting a fun and interesting twist on the training we do at the unit and its really rewarding when the Cadets get the most out of the training they receive is brilliant.

It's such a fun and rewarding thing to do, there's a great comradery & friendship amongst the Adult volunteers and we are all from such varied day jobs and backgrounds, you never know what people are going to be experts in!"

SMI James Ingleby

Next we spoke to James Ingleby who is the Company Sjt Major for Letter ‘A’ Company. He told us:

My day to day role is extremely varied I am often overseeing Four Platoons located in the south of Buckinghamshire, a usual month includes Platoon Visits , Company Parades, Staff Meetings, Training Senior Cadets and Junior Staff to name all but a few of my duties.

I was a Cadet in my younger years, and after leaving the cadets organisation I felt it would be nice to give some of my own personal time back, now Ten Years old I am still here.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Cadet, and always looked forward to the Summer Camps, Shooting and FieldCraft exercises..

Being a Company Sjt Major is extremely rewarding, whilst it does have its challenges at times, helping to oversee the welfare of hundred plus Staff and Cadets, it often gives me opportunity’s to take part in activities often outside of my usual workplace and office environment.

I have seen many Cadets & Staff pass through in the last ten years and have always seen a positive better shaped individual at the end of their Cadet & Adult career.
I Think the ACF is a great ‘Youth Organisation’ to be a part of, and hope my son will take up the challenge in years to come.

SI Lucy Ferdinando

Thirdly we spoke to SI Lucy Ferdinando, here's what she had to say: I am SI Ferdinando and I am Platoon SJT at 20th Conniburrow Platoon, delivering training and allowing smooth running within a parade evening. I came back to cadets as an adult volunteer a few years after leaving as a cadet. This was an unforgettable experience and I was able to participate in many activities and experiences many of my other peers would never have the chance to do.

Being a cadet really helped mould the person I am today and put me steps ahead of people my age when applying for jobs through qualifications such as first aid at work, many of the skills I gained I still use today and are completely invaluable to me and I have the company staff to thank for all of them moulding me into a confident talented young person.

All the time and dedication I received by the adult volunteers really motivated me to join back up and return the experience I received to other generations coming through the ACF. Its such a rewarding commitment being a CFAV (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer) helping cadets get the most out of what is available through the ACF and setting them up with life skills to go outside cadets with.

It’s such a fulfilling feeling knowing that you are a role model to the cadets and there is nothing more rewarding then watching a recruit come through the door and watching them years later gaining so much knowledge and you were a part of that.

Being a CFAV is also so much fun getting to get out of the work place and be part of such a fantastic organisation, it really attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. The bond and friendships that you make with other volunteers is out of this world I have never experienced team work like it. They are friends for life not only inside cadets but also outside