Sovereign’s Parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

16 December 2017

Two of our senior cadets were privileged to attend the Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst this week. Read their experiences below:

On 14th of December, we arrived at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the Sovereign Parade on the 15th.

We started off by having a tour of the academy showing us old and new college, the chapel and other significant buildings. The parade is held on the parade ground outside of the famous and iconic old college. We were told about the history of the academy and had an insight of the environment of the best school for leadership world wide.

Thursday evening we had a talk from two officer cadets currently undergoing the commissioning course. One was in the Intermediate term and the other in the senior term. There are three terms to Sandhurst training; junior, intermediate and senior. The senior term will gain their commission and be promoted to second lieutenant at 10:00pm with a firework display after the Sovereign Parade and will be posted to their chosen cap badge.

11:00am Friday morning, we were tasked with handing out programmes to dignitaries and helping guests to their seats. We were approached by two captains from The Rifles who were pleased to see cadets with Rifles cap badge attending the event and were grateful for our support. The parade started with more than 600 officer cadets marching onto the parade square ready for the arrival of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales KCVO, which we saluted along side the Gurkha Rifles whilst he walked up the Kings Walk. After an inspection of the parade, they then proceeded to carry out a march around the parade ground with drill movements that we’ve never even heard of. E.g. the close order on the March, 3 ranks into 2 ranks, divisions into column (on the March splitting 2 ranks into 4). Another impressive movement was when the entire parade went from slow time into quick time with no word of command but just the base of a drum.

This experience has been a complete privilege that we never thought we would have. It’s changed both of our views about the Army and enlightened us how spectacular the experience is.

I came to Sandhurst wanting to join the army as just a regular soldier, not believing in pushing myself too far, but this experience has changed how I see the army and what I aspire to do with my life in the future, it has motivated me to succeed further than I thought I could to get where I desire, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. - Cadet Serjeant Pedley.

Also a big thank you to Captain Clayton who made this experience possible for us and told us a lot of information about RMAS Sandhurst.

Anyone who says officers can’t do drill don’t know what they’re talking about.

Written by Cadet Serjeant Pedley and Cadet Serjeant Hersant.