MK DONS Armed Forces Day

7 February 2017

MK Dons 1-1 draw against Bolton Wanderers Official this Saturday was watched by a record crowd of 21,545 people. Free tickets were offered to anyone with an MK postcode in a "Gift of Football" event to celebrate Milton Keynes' 50th Birthday. The match also saw the club's annual Armed Forces Day tribute to service men and women and Bucks ACF was honoured to take part.

Cadets and adult volunteers from I Company collected donations for Blesma, The Limbless Veterans before the match, before taking part in a half-time parade around the stadium alongside local units and a body of Royal British Legion Standard Bearers. An information stand was also manned outside the stadium which attracted a great deal of interest.

County Colonel for The Rifles, Lt Col Simon Wilkinson, said "I was delighted to see so many Bucks ACF Cadets and Cadet Officers and SNCO's on parade. Their drill was excellent and they followed on smartly from the Royal Green Jackets Association veterans at Regimental pace with some style. A terrific day for Youth and Community Engagement".

Oliver Wilkinson, MK Dons, added "I want to thank Bucks ACF for participating in our Armed Forces Day parade and for all your help on the day. The bucket collection and man of the match shirt auction raised a combined total of £1759.34 to Blesma".