Cpl C Bullivant raising money for Cancer Research in honour of her father

12 February 2018

Cpl Charlotte Bullivant from Buckingham Platoon is raising money for Cancer Research in honour of her father who is sadly dying from the disease. She will be shaving her head on 10th March, join us in supporting her and donate if you are able.


Read her story below:

"Hello, I’m Charlotte.

Ive just turned 16.

For the last 20 years, my dad has been living with a tumour behind his eye; it’s been removed twice but the little devil is persistent.

It’s back, this time it’s not so little, in fact, it’s occupying a third of his skull, it’s called a solitary fibrous mass and it’s very aggressive. To put it into perspective it’s slightly larger than a softball and it’s eating everything it comes into contact with.

This time they can’t operate, so the clock is ticking, we can’t save dad but with your help and the help of the wonderful sarcoma team at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, along with the incredible Mr Richard Kerr and the Radiology team, we can learn more about this kind of tumour and how we can save future lives, and potentially extend the life of future patients.

To honour my dad ; the man who I have looked up to for 16 years, i want to give something back to the people who will help us to cancer research who carry out life changing work to ensure no one has to walk in these shoes.

I have beautiful long blonde hair ( for now !! ) and i’m going to donate my pride and joy - my hair, to a the little princes trust, who create wigs for young people my age who just like my dad will lose their hair to cancer.

please give generously, every penny counts.

i love you dad xx"