Cadet PR Course

13 March 2018

On the 9th - 11th March the cadet Public Relations course took place. Cadets from Somerset, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire assembled together at Read House to participate in the following activities: photography, event management, social media and how to write an effective press release.

Each enjoyable task was 3hours long, ensuring that all cadets could learn as much as possible whilst having fun. The cadets who participated would overall recommend this outstanding course as it was really helpful. In addition, the cadets got the chance to meet and train throughout the day with cadets from other detachments and counties.

Cadet Savage stated, “Although the course was a really an insight into P.R. within cadets all the skills are transferable back to detachment.”

Furthermore, it was so obvious most cadets loved the course as the excitement was clearly seen as the cadets eagerly took numerous fantastic photos of one another.

Finally, what ended Saturday evening nicely was the kind adult staff treating the grateful cadets to Domino’s pizza.

In the future, this course most likely is to run again, if I was you I would attend.

Adult officers have even said they will improve this amazing experience by making it less static as well as more practical time taking photos and lessons may be shorter. As well as much more!

Thank you, all staff and Cadets, for attending as you made it such an amazing experience.

Written by Cadet H Phangchang-Basra