Bucks cadets attend National Music Camp

3 November 2019

This week 3 cadets and 2 adults have been attending National Music Week at Longmoor Training Camp. During the week participants are taught to play either drums or bugles. Starting with little or no experience by the end of the week everyone was able to play songs on their respective instrument. Special well done to SI Ginn who was awarded Best Adult Beginner and Cdt Collins for Best Bugler in the Basic Corps of Drums, both of which were awarded by the Honorary Colonel of Army Cadet Music Lord Lingfield. This sees the start of our new Corps of Drums and Bugles led by AUO Owens, we look forward to seeing more cadets and adults getting involved. - Videos to follow! #cadetforcebands #music #goingfurther #acf#tryingsomethingnew