Battalion Tug Of War And Cross Country Annual Camp 2015

9 September 2015

A day that the weather couldnt make up its mind but never dampened the spirits. A damp sportsfield with proud cadets displaying there company colours. Every single cadet gave there all wether it be competing or cheering there fellow cadets on. The day was like a battle between north vs south areas of the battalion. A friendly rivalry that filled the air with passion and excitement. Adult instructors just as much as cadets threw on there battle helmets and got to work.

A massive success for all involved the results were:

Tug of War: Male Winners - Burma

Female Winners - Ypres

Cross- Country: Junior Male Winner - Cdt LCpl Redpath Leven

Intermediate Male Winner - Cdt Cpl Russell Perth Viewlands

Junior Female Winner - Cdt Nellies Blairgowrie

Intermediate Female Winner - Cdt SSgt McDonald Perth BW