Deannah’s First Aid does her Proud !

16 October 2018

On Wednesday 10th October Deannah was travelling on the bus from Oakland's college in St Albans, when at approximately 16.30 her bus came to a halt. There was an accident, a car had crashed into a lamppost and rolled over. Deannah without a second thought got off her bus to administer first aid to the gentleman who had been helped out of his car. She calmed him down and asked someone to elevate his legs and another to get a pillow and blankets from a nearby home. Deannah then ensured that he was well and applied compression to a cut to his head. Deannah then handed over to the emergency services. She was extremely brave, confident and competent in the way she reacted. Her family are so very proud of her actions and wanted to share her story with you all. Now you know you can rely on Deannah in crisis!Well done Deannah ! Beds and Herts ACF are very proud of you!