Promotions at Annual Camp 2017

25 July 2017

Final Parade brought us some presentations for annual camp 2017.

*Champion Company*
D (Argyll) Company

*Best Drill Team*
F Squadron

*Best Drill instructor*
Cadet Staff Sergeant Alex Faulds

*Best Overall Cadet 2017*
Cadet CSM Niamh Stevenson

We would like to congratulate the following adults and cadets on their promotions:

Staff Sergeant Niamh Stevenson to Sergeant Major
Sergeant Cameron Kenny to Staff Sergeant
Corporal Konor McGinnis to Sergeant
Cadet Sergeant Christie to Cadet Staff Sergeant
Cadet Sergeant Faulds to Cadet Staff Sergeant
Cadet CSM Tawse to Cadet RSM
Cadet Corporal Morrow to Cadet Sergeant

SI (Sergeant) Alexander Wilson to SSI (Staff Sergeant)
SI David Naismith to SSI
SI David Hope to SSI
SI Thomas Peddie to SSI
SI Lee McFarlane to SSI