Useful Information

Angus and Dundee Battalion Army Cadet Force is the result of the amalglamation of the Angus Bn ACF and the Dundee Bn ACF in 1966.

The battalion comprises of 21 detachments dispersed between towns of Angus (9) and the City of Dundee (12)

The Army Cadet Force is the army's VOLUNTARY YOUTH ORGANISATION. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and provides challenging military, adventurous and community activities for the young people between the ages of 12 - 18. Its aim is to inspire young people to achieve success in life - to push you to the limits. The type of training offered helps foster self - confidence, teamwork and leadership, all of which can be practically applied to every day life.

Today there are more than 39,000 cadets spread across the country supported by around 9,000 adults.

Generally cadets parade one night per week and take part in their training. We also have a Pipes & Drums detachment who parade two nights per week, and one night is based on music and the other night cadet training.

The star awards are a special scheme of training for the cadets. When a new recruit joins the cadets they will start with basic training. Having completed this the cadet will progress through the levels from one star through to master cadet, leading to BTEC award.

As part of training cadets will take part in many activities including Fieldcraft, Skill at Arms, Map and Compass, First Aid, Drill and Survival Skills.

Each Year the cadets have the opportunity to go to summer camp and many weekends where they can take part in adventurous activities including rock climbing and canoeing plus many more. On camp cadets can also take part in expeditions that can count towards their Duke of Edinburgh's Award.