Another Successful Weekend for Angus

28 February 2017

Angus Area made up by Arras Company and Cambrai Company of the Battalion held a training weekend Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February 2017. As usual when arriving at the Weekend Training Centre, a head count of the cadets is completed, money for the weekend collected and then begin checking into the accommodation block. Cadets are then returned to the parade square.

Before the cadets went for supper on the Friday night, Lieutenant (Lt) Sarah High (Angus Area Staff Officer - Arras) presented some cadets with Basic Badges and Certificates.

Lt High also presented a 2 Star badge to Cdt Ross (See Below)

Once the presentations were complete, cadets were given support and then relaxed Friday evening to get a good sleep for Saturday when most of the training is completed. 

On Saturday morning, cadets wake up, get washed and dressed, start cleaning the accomodation ready for inspection. Before inspection happens cadets head to the Dining Room for breakfast which consists of either Cooked or Continetal. Once breakfast is over, the accomodation is inspected and once completed the cadets then head to the parade square to begin training. This weekend training varied from Navigation, Shooting, Skill At Arms, Banner Practice and much more.

The cadets were in for a little surprise on Saturday as the SCOTS RST appeared with a foxhound (3 Star cadets from Angus Area) and some weapons which the SCOTS fire on operations.

The weapons included a General Machine Gun and a Vehicle Mounted Grenade Launcher. After the visiting was complete it was lunch time and again cadets made their way round to the Dining Hall. After lunch, cadets where back doing starboard training. Basic and 1 Star cadets completed a weapon handling test to then allow them to shoot on the indoor range. This was to pass a starboard shoot. 2, 3 and 4 stars conducted a Navigation Pratice exercise where they follow a pre-defined route from a route card they made earlier. Training continued through the afternoon and into the evening when after their navigation practice, the 2, 3 and 4 Stars where then testing on their L98A2 Cadet CP Rifle weapon handling drills (Below is a pic of L/Cpl Angus fitting the sling to the rifle).

After the evening training was complete, cadets were stood down so they could get showered and get some NAAFI. 

Much like Saturday morning, Sunday morning arrived and the cadets went through the motions. After dinner time cadets began packing up for the weekend, and cleaning the accommodation. Once these tasks were complete, cadets got fell in for Final Parade. Lt High spoke to the cadets on Final Parade, and thanked them for their attendance and gave them feedback. Lt High made another presentation, this time for achieving Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and this was given to L/Cpl Gaskin (See below).

Overall another successful weekend had by Angus Area. Their next weekend will be held on Friday 21st April to Sunday 23rd April 2017.