Annual Camp 2019

19 July 2019

Cadets from across the county of Angus and City of Dundee, headed to Queen Elizabeth Barracks (QEB) in Strensall, York over the period Sunday 30th June to Friday 12 July to take part in their Annual Camp.

The camp programme was varied from APC Assessments (Drill & Turnout, Skill At Arms, Navigation, First Aid), Fieldcraft Exercise, Visit to either National Memorial Arboretum or Army Foundation College Harrogate, Trip to Flamingo Land, Ranges, Sports, Fun Day, Adventure Training and more. The weather was fantastic (mainly sunny) which came with its challenges but all measures were taken to ensure we had plenty of breaks and extra water.

This year, over 120 personnel (Cadets, CFAVs & PSS) took part and we also had visits from 51 Brigade SO2 Cadets (Ian Ludlow), ACFA Scotland Chairperson (Colonel Cassidy), HRFCA Chief Executive and HRFCA Deputy Chief Executive.

Overall it was a successful camp and we have uploaded photos from annual camp onto our battalion facebook page.