Grosvenor and Sunnyside Detachment Cadet Portal launch!

4 February 2020

On Monday 3rd February 2020 Grosvenor Detachment was joined by Sunnyside Detachment to host a ‘Cadet Portal Launch Night’!

In total 24 Cadets accessed the portal and signed up to their new accounts which allows them to access and administer their Westminster account, search and find available opportunities with courses and monitor their own individual progress during their cadet tenure.

The Detachment Commander of Grosvenor Detachment said “initially it was a challenge but once the Detachment Staff and Cadets got their heads around it, it was pretty straight forward”.

The Cadets of both Grosvenor and Sunnyside Detachment have commented on how user friendly the portal is, and how excited they are to be able to take control and further enhance their cadet experience.

Now it's time to take control of your Cadet Experience!

Access to the Cadet Portal is now available for all cadets across 2nd (NI) Bn. If you would like to access the portal and create your new account, please speak to your Detachment Commander for more information.

'To Inspire To Achieve'