A message from the Deputy Commandant

Lt Col S Watt

21 May 2020

Firstly, I hope this message finds all our Cadets, CFAV, PSS and their families safe and well during this time.

During the last 8 weeks, I have heard on several occasions, the phrase “unprecedented times”, this is true in many aspects of our daily work, family and personal lives.

I have 32 years of involvement in the ACF, from my time as a cadet to my current role, there is no previous experience or knowledge for us to refer or base what to decisions or steps to take. We are working entirely on the guidance and advice of key advisory / stake holder groups.

That said, I wanted to take a little time, just to re-enforce, that despite the announcements affecting delivery of events or extending face to face training. We are continuously working very hard in the background, reviewing every new piece of new information/guidance/developments. To help us determine how we can return as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety of our cadets and CFAV / PSS. As that is the overriding consideration in everything we will do.

But, we must be realistic as the Commandant has mentioned several times, we will not be able to start where we finished off, that will mean some form of disappointment. We understand and appreciate that.

Currently we are working on documentation to support cadet and CFAV events at various levels, these events will go ahead and be scaled in size based on guidance and restrictions, in the coming weeks and months these should become easier to understand we are not waiting for those weeks and months to pass. We are putting that time to good use, we are working on flexible plans, to allow us to upscale or down-scale events, as the unknown factors and any continued restrictions become clear.

I must take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and effort of our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Permanent Support Staff during this time. The efforts of this group, gives me the confidence that we will come out of this stronger and better in the future.

To our cadets, especially our senior cadets, I encourage you to get as many of your fellow cadets involved in the Virtual Battalion Classrooms. Make no doubt this is not a waste of time, it may not be the hands-on stuff we all enjoy, but it keeps us all engaged and refreshed on the theory elements of our core subjects. Some cadets are even having subject passes recorded. So, get involved.

"Keep the Flame Alive", be proud of your involvement in the ACF, we will come out of this stronger and better for the experience.

Stay Safe, Follow the statutory advice and I hope to see you all enjoying your ACF journey soon.