Staff Cadet


The aim of the ACF Staff Cadet programme is to provide an alternative route for selected senior cadets to continue their involvement within the ACF. This will include those transitioning from being a cadet to become a CFAV who wish to retain the ability to do cadet activities until their 20th birthday.

The ACF Staff Cadet programme will likely appeal to those senior cadets who wish to complete APC at 4-Star or Master Cadet, where this has not already been achieved, or who wish to continue to support training and events using their skills and experience.

Staff Cadet.

A member of the ACF who has passed their 18th birthday but has not yet reached their 20th birthday and who is not a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer.


Cadets must be members of the ACF at time of application

Cadets must satisfy the eligibility criteria not later than the day before their 18th birthday.

The criteria, which are to be recorded on Westminster, are:

  • Have successfully completed the APC 3-Star or ACP 3-Star Music syllabus or above.
  • Have attained the rank of Cadet Sergeant or above in the ACF.


On appointment as a Staff Cadet, the cadet retains their current rank. Promotion of Staff Cadets will follow the same eligibility rules for the cadet rank as set out in ACF Regulations.


Cadets may apply to be a Staff Cadet where their 18th birthday is on or after 1 Sep 19 if they meet the eligibility requirements. During the pilot period, this may be extended to cadets who have left the ACF on reaching 18 years on or after that date. Once the programme is rolled out to all CF units, only those cadets currently in the ACF will be
able to apply. Ex-cadets who were 18 years old or older before that date may not apply to become a Staff Cadet.

Making an application.

There is no automatic transfer to the ACF Staff Cadet programme and cadets must meet the eligibility criteria to apply. Application to become a Staff Cadet can be submitted once the cadet has reached their 17th birthday.

Comdts should ensure that all cadets are aware of the opportunity and the eligibility criteria as soon as possible.

While early application is beneficial in supporting a cadet’s application, a cadet may make an application up to the day before their 18th birthday.

Staff Cadet applications must be supported and approved by their Comdt.

There is no requirement for a Comdt to interview Staff Cadet applicants, but this is strongly recommended so that the Comdt can better understand the cadet’s reasons to want to become a Staff Cadet.

A cadet does not have to apply first to become a Staff Cadet at 18 years before becoming a CFAV and may choose to directly apply as a CFAV.

Enhanced disclosure checks.

Potential Staff Cadets are required to complete an enhanced disclosure check. Cadets should be encouraged to complete this as early as possible. No Staff Cadet can take part in any activities until a suitable enhanced disclosure check has been received. Enhanced disclosure checks can be arranged by the CF unit from six months before the cadet’s 18th birthday.

Staff Cadet induction package.

On being appointed as a Staff Cadet, the cadet will complete a Staff Cadet induction package to:

  • Understand the rules, roles and responsibilities of an ACF Staff Cadet.
  • Complete the Staff Cadet Safeguarding training package available on the Defence Gateway.
  • Understand the Values and Standards of the ACF.

Complete the form below to apply to become a Staff Cadet with 2nd Battalion The Highlanders Army Cadet Force.