Camps 2020

Details of our Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp 2020

Will be held in Longmoor Hampshire

Dates from 4th July - 16th July 2010

Easter Camp 2020

Sunday 12th - 17th April 2020 CANCELLED DUE TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS



All ACF Uniform - Boots, 2 x MTP Shirts, 2 x MTP Trousers, 1 x MTP Combat Jacket, Beret,/Bonnet Plume Cap Badge Belt, Undershirt (fleece) 2 x T Shirts Black, 2 x Socks & Trouser Twisters etc

Clothes for the evenings (tracksuit/Jeans etc)

Sports Kit (Sports training & Competitions) & Swimming Kit

Underwear (Plenty – Minimum x 10)

Socks (Plenty – Minimum x 10)

Waterproof Type Coat – Civilian (encase it rains on the day out!!!!!!)

Cadets will be given a Camouflage Cap and a water bottle (They keep these items)

Knife Fork Spoon, Plastic Mug

Wash Kit – Tooth paste, Brush, Soap, Flannel, Shaving kit (If req.), Shampoo, Shower gel

Towels X 2 (Hand & Bath)

Female Sanitary items

Boot Cleaning Kit (Polish Black/Brown, Duster, Brushes)

Sewing Kit & Spare Buttons

Torch & Spare Batteries

Notepad, Pen & Pencil

Iron (If you have room in your bag) Some irons supplied

Coat Hangers X 6

Spending Money (See note 3 below)

Padlock & 3 Keys (See Note 4 Below)

Sleeping Bags NOT REQUIRED as sheets and blankets will be issued


  1. You must aim to fit all of your kit into no more than 1 suitcase and a hold all, these should have a company label on them eg. (these should have been given to the cadet)
  • A Company – Red Label
  • B Company – Yellow Label
  • C Company – Blue Label
  • D Company – Green Label
    It would help in case the label comes of if you could also put some coloured tape (as per your company above) this helps us identify which company the cadet comes from- if you could put their name inside the case this would also help identification

2. Do not take valuables such as X Boxes, jewelry etc., mobile phones are kept centrally and issued out each evening to phone home. (You should have all items insured as the MOD has no insurance for any items brought to camp by cadets or CFAV)

3. All spending money is to be handed to the Detachment Commander prior to departure, small amount of money for the trip to camp as there will be a stop on route. The Training Company will run a Cadet bank each evening at camp.

4. Hand spare locker keys to your Platoon Commander