End of an Era at Coleraine Detachment

Mrs Vera Ravenhill MBE a CA for over 50 years

17 February 2020

It is with great sadness that we hear about the death of a very special lady, Mrs Vera Ravenhill MBE. Mrs Ravenhill as she was known to the cadets, was a Civilian Assistant in Coleraine Detachment long before Civilian Assistants were even though off.
Vera started coming along the detachment in the Coleraine TA Centre (now Army Reserve Centre) when her husband Bill became and Adult Instructor in 1959. When her husband Bill sadly passed away, she continued to come along and help the young people of Coleraine.

Vera looked after the welfare of what was a big detachment making the tea, running the tuck shop, collecting in weekend and camp money as well as talking to the cadets and sorting any problems that they had. Many cadets over the years have benefited from Vera being in the detachment, Vera was awarded the MBE for her services to the Army Cadet Force a much-deserved award for her service to Coleraine Detachment. The many visitors to Coleraine over the years would always be greeted with a lovely cup of tea or coffee served in a bone china cup and saucer as she thought this is how tea and coffee should be served.

Vera finally decided that after over 57 years’ service due to ill health in her later years that she could not come along to the detachment but when she was visited, she always asked how the detachment was going and who was there now. She would still remember the names of many of the cadets and would ask how they were getting on and even tell you a few stories about not only them but their parents who were cadets.

Mrs Vera Ravenhill MBE will be sadly missed, but never forgotten in Coleraine Detachment as there is a Trophy for the Best Cadet Named after her in appreciation of her excellent service.

Rest in Peace Vera “Your duty is done”