A Multi Activity Weekend at the Cadet Training Centre, Magilligan

CIS, Public Relations, First Aid, Target Shooting all in one weekend

23 February 2020

It was a multi activity weekend at the Cadet Training Centre, Magilligan with a Cadet Public Relations Course, a Communications & Information Systems Course, a 4 Star First Aid Course as well as some Battalion Target Rifle shooting taking place. The weather was not very kind with heavy rain and strong winds which made the shooting quite difficult and meant that the shooting team had to come into the Indoor range and fire the .22 Target Rifle as well as some 7.62 Full-bore shooting in between the heavy showers.

The Cadet Public Relations (PR) Course was run with 9 students who were taught how to take photos to be used on the Battalion Social Media. The cadets were taught about PR in the ACF, what they can do with the pictures and about a bit of editing. The aim of the training is so that the cadets can assist the Battalion PR Team with gathering photos, video and some write ups for the website and social media as well as some for the local press.

The cadets spent the 2 days taking photos of the signals, first aid and some photos of the shooting subject to the weather. The use of Cadet PR reps in the detachment and company has increased the amount of media the PR team can produce and so far, it has been a success. A number of the PR cadets will now go along to assist the Battalion PRO at battalion events such as Easter Camp, and the Battalion Military Skills weekend to name a few.

The Battalion Communications & Information Systems (CIS) Training Team along with some cadets and Instructors from the 2nd NI Bn ACF spent the weekend teaching the cadets all the information required to pass the Basic at 1 Star level on CIS. The older cadets were taught a bit more advanced signals and the battalion Rolling Thunder (CIS) Competition were put through their paces before heading off to represent the 1st Bn at the Competition.

The Battalion First Aid Training Team also ran a 4 Star First Aid at Work Course, completing this course will allow the cadets to add this to the list of qualification the cadets can gain as they move to the more Senior part of their cadet career.

Overall despite the weather it was a good fun and rewarding weekend for all the cadets who took part, they all left the CTC having achieved and took part in something that would allow them to gain confidence to move on to a higher level.

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