Wrexham Detachments Virtual Parades

Just a flavour of what the cadets and adults from Wrexham (and neighbouring detachments) have been doing during the lockdown.

Wrexham Detachments Virtual Parades

17 February 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

The extended lockdown restrictions have not held back Wrexham and neighbouring detachments from continuing the cadet experience all be it in a virtual environment.

Team Wrexham have embraced the challenges and opportunities provided by zoom to maintain cadet activity and to give cadets the chance to continue interactions outside the home working environment.

Instructor Owen Peters reports “For nearly a year, the cadets at Wrexham, Rhos, and Llangollen detachments have been continuing to impress through their engagement with the virtual parade nights. Continuously responding to the cadets’ feedback via zoom, meetings, and polls: virtual training has seen the provision of many fantastic opportunities. Along with cadet training and testing, there have been many interesting virtual visitors including police officers, The Royal Welsh, Army Air Corps, and Royal Marine engagement teams and recently Brian Wood MC.”

For the past number of weeks, they have further embraced the Bi-weekly parade nights with the introduction of the break-out rooms on zoom. This has allowed the cadets to be broken down into their Star levels with lessons being focused to their progression on their cadet training.

Wrexham Detachment Commander James Heyward has led the drive to progress each group with many Cadets accomplishing passes for subjects over virtual training. SI Peters, SI Atherton, and PI Bishop with the support of C/Sgt's Hall and Winter have introduced approaches such as scavenger hunts and activities to revise prior lessons which have been very well received by the cadets. Other activities have included the Albuhera Company 100km in January, progressing various DofE sections, an obstacle course competition, and lessons where the cadets were required to build something at home, such as an observation post. Cadets have shared their lockdown baking triumphs and Covid compliant community projects. Not to mention numerous quizzes including the infamous ‘disgusting animals’ quiz by Sergeant Atherton.

James said, “the virtual parades have also provided an ideal opportunity just to touch base with individual cadets to offer a reassuring check of individual wellbeing.”