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What was your Monday Motivation?

With A Company still in the Field, the Cadets of B Company visited Alton Waters, while our Sergeant's carde get physical.

What was your Monday Motivation?

26 July 2021

  • Essex ACF
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Train, train harder, then train some more!

Overheard on the water

It's been a bust camp day with some instructors before breakfast going for a five mile run or having vehicle safety refresher training! I for one am pleased there was plenty of bacon in the Colchester cookhouse at 0700.

Meanwhile A company have been enjoying their time in the field, moving as a section carrying out attacks and ambushes and trying to outmanoeuvre their enemy. While the cadets of B Company have moved to Alton water for a day of Adventure training. This morning they were able to take part in mountain biking and stand up paddle boarding. The stand up paddle boarding is a new event for our cadets this year, perhaps inspired by our Cadet Force Ambassador Jordan Wylie. He has spent longer and paddled further at sea on a stand up paddle board than anyone else, clocking up 149 days in the ocean last year. Maybe he might even make an appearance to give our cadets some tips. Some cadets soon picked it up and looked the part very quickly. Whilst others may not have fully accomplished the standing up part, but all still had a great time splashing about! There was also the old favourite of Cannoning where our in house AT Team enjoyed splashing the cadets and playing 'water football'?

For the cadets on the Sergeant's cadre, today is busy and physically challenging. Not only was there further skill at arms training but there was also P.T sessions and Drill training. The Sergeant's cadre is unique to this year's camp and very intense. It aims to consolidate the virtual training of the last 18 month and bring our senior cadets up to the same standard they would have normally achieved if there had not been the break from normal training during the pandemic. This means tomorrow they will all be back on the drill square, as well as repeating the weapon handling drills and being worked harder on the P.T front. It's a tough but fun 48 hours of skills and drills for our seniors, but one they will be sure to find rewarding at the end of their endeavours.

Meanwhile, this morning our new volunteers had their turn to hit the range and practise their rifle shooting skills. While day 2 of the First Aid a Work course saw more lifesaving skills being taught and practised.

Check our website again soon for another round up of the action at of camp, and perhaps news of a surprise visit?