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We’re Back! Somerset Resumes Training

Yes! Finally We’re Back To Training After The COVID Restrictions!

We’re Back! Somerset Resumes Training

27 April 2021

  • Somerset ACF

Words & picture by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer

To say that staff and cadets were eagerly anticipating a return to training is to massively understate the excitement generated by the news that a formal return to training, subject to existing guidance, was allowed from the week beginning 26th April 2021.

Led by SSI Rob Evered and his capable staff, cadets from Wells Platoon, Normandy Company, took part in their first fieldcraft training on Yoxter Training Area for a year and ably demonstrated that their skills had not faded in the intervening period, thanks in part to an ongoing series of virtual parade nights where all the major subjects were covered in depth.

However, there is nothing, just nothing, like actually meeting your mates out in the open and getting back to the core values of Army Cadets.

Lockdown, allied to no face to face meetings, seems not to have diminished recruiting either, with half a dozen brand new recruits also joining the platoon in the field. In fact if anything the desire to join and take part in the outstanding organised training that Army Cadets offers today’s youngsters is stronger than ever.

Swift & Bold! Somerset Army Cadets looks forward to continuing onwards and upwards with undiminished vigour.