Well done L/Cpl Karin

Blaydon detachment cadet comes to the rescue of a 76 year old

Well done L/Cpl Karin

17 February 2021

  • Durham ACF

A huge shout out to L/Cpl Karim of Blaydon detachment who thanks to the first aid training that he received through the Army Cadet Force was able to assist a 76 year old woman who had slipped and fallen on black ice.

With a possible broken arm and shoulder he used all of his training and was able to keep her warm and help her stay out of shock and keep her talking until the ambulance came. He diligently collected all of her information and medical history for an efficient handover to the ambulance crew when they arrived.

Well done L/Cpl Karim you are a credit to Durham Army Cadet Force.