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Waterloo Camp 10-12 December 2021

Fieldcraft Training & Assessment weekend

Waterloo Camp 10-12 December 2021

14 December 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Over the weekend 10 - 12 December Training 3 & 4 Star cadets and 2 Star cadets who have completed 2 Star Fieldcraft and at least five 2 star subjects, attended a full weekend of Fieldcraft. The weather was challenging with lots of rain and mist but nothing deterred the cadets from taking part in the training and assessments.

On the Saturday evening a well-deserved and delicious Christmas meal was served to the cadets by the staff before they sat down to enjoy their own Christmas meal.

After the meal a presentation was given to the cadets by Cpl Michael Walsh, 1st Fusiliers, Manchester Army Careers Centre. The presentation with a question and answer session at the end, was for those cadets who may be interested in finding out about careers in the Army.

Seeing the skills of the cadets was great to watch. The very experienced staff who assist Capt Chris Townson, Company Commander, Waterloo Company, without doubt provide an excellent cadet experience for the cadets of Greater Manchester ACF.

Capt Townson said "Congratulations to all those cadets that attended the Fieldcraft training and assessment weekend. You should be extremely proud on what you have all achieved in a short time in very challenging conditions".

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