Walking home for Christmas

Raising funds for walking wounded

Walking home for Christmas

11 February 2021

  • Lincolnshire ACF

In the month of December, I decided to do something that would be beneficial to the military community. So, I thought the charity walking for the wounded charity would be brilliant cause to support and help out with. Walking with the Wounded is a charity that support injured former British Armed Forces men and women to the change from military life to civilian life. I managed to raise a total of £70 for the charity where I walked 30.4 miles in the time frame. I managed to cram in the walking with school work and the homework set at the time, but thankfully managed to raise the money stated and I feel I’ve helped out with the complete their aim, which is to make the transition as smooth as possible.

LCpl Toby Precious

Louth Detachment, 4 Company

L/Cpl Precious' Certificate
L Cpl Precious

L/Cpl Precious with his Pup-Assistant Lottie