230404 Bn P Is on AIC

Volunteers Earns Their Stripes

Adult Volunteers from the Battalion have recently completed the final stage of their training to become a fully trained Adult Instructor with the Army Cadet Force.

Volunteers Earns Their Stripes

24 April 2023

  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

Potential Instructors Tiernan Mayhew (18), Gemma Buchan (37), Ben Smith (31), Christopher Gunn (25) and Amber Salter (24) completed their Advanced Induction Course in earlier this month at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh.

The Advanced Induction Course is the final course an Adult Volunteer completes in becoming an Adult Instructor with the Army Cadets, which also confirms their promotion to the rank of Sergeant Instructor. During the course the PIs deliver lessons on Navigation, Fieldcraft and Drill, but also be given the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and friends from outside their respective Army Cadet County.

The nine-day course, delivered by Cadet Training Team Scotland, is designed to test instructors – who wish to be Adult Volunteers in the cadets – on their knowledge of the cadet training syllabus. All five instructors’ knowledge were tested by delivering a number of lessons to fellow students on her course. Each lesson was assessed by members of the training team who were more than happy with their lesson delivery, meaning all five are now able to teach the majority of the syllabus to the cadets at their respective Detachments: PI Smith and Buchan at Kirkwall Detachment, PI Gunn at Halkirk Detachment, PI Salter at Inverness Detachment and PI Mayhew from Lerwick Detachment.

  • 230404 Bn P Is on AIC
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