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Virtual International Exchange

It was good morning / bora da from us and g’day / good afternoon from them.

Virtual International Exchange

10 October 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Virtual International Exchange – Cadets across the world.

Saturday saw the linking up of over 100 cadets in North Wales and New South Wales and was an amazing opportunity for the two nations to form and maintain a strong international relationship. The event saw cadets and staff from Clwyd and Gwynedd Crecy Company link up with members of 23 Battalion Australian Army Cadets.

Following welcomes from Clwyd and Gwynedd Commandant Col (ACF) Martin L Craven and Lt Col (AAC) Richard Morgan Commanding Officer of 23Bn AAC cadets took the lead in making several presentations including the respective histories of both Army Cadet Organisations and aspects of cadet training. Corporals Isabella Jones, Matteo Franco and Abby BellisHolloway gave a combined presentation on the ACF and Clwyd and Gwynedd. There was a highly professional presentation by Cadet Sergeant Boweslyon on the important Australian issue of spider and snake bites. The double act by Australian Corporals Jin and Ho gave an informative presentation on heat injuries an issue that doesn’t challenge UK cadets very often. There was a lively question and answer session covering many aspects of cadets' life on different continents.

Sam Hawley, a Clwyd and Gwynedd instructor, currently marooned in Australia, who had helped mastermind the event, said “The event is a great opportunity for all those involved to be the first stepping stone in what will be a continuing relationship between 23Bn AAC and Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF. This pilot session will lead the way for future interaction.”

Captain Charlie Lloyd, who heads Crecy Company, said “we had some interesting technical challenges with groups of cadets in different classrooms and the presenters in an old office where a connection could be made. This initial session was very informative and I look forward to the next session. It certainly made a different start to company weekend”