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Thank you to all of you who entered the competition, launched by Yorkshire N&W ACF to mark the 75th anniversary of the cessation of WWII in Europe.


17 February 2021

  • Yorkshire (North And West) ACF

The judges have been highly impressed; one described the experience of reviewing the entries as "very enjoyable and quite uplifting" while another described the entries as "excellent, with a lot of hard work put in by all entrants. Some were exceptional, and must have taken a lot of work and imagination".

The prizes are in the form of gift vouchers for Cadet Direct - £30 for the winners in the Individual categories and £40 for the winners of the Group category, followed by £20 for Individual 2nd place and £30 for Group 2nd. (The winners can message the County page to ask for the vouchers to be sent out to them, or they can request the voucher codes to use online.)


Individual Cadet Category:

Winner - Cadet Booth, A Company

2nd place - Cadet Plucinska-Olczak, E Company


Individual CFAV Category:

Winner - PI Snowdon, A Company

2nd place - AUO Studd, B Company


Group Category:

Winners - D Day landings - Cadets K and R Stewart, B Company

2nd place - Colonel Tom Moore video - Cadet LCpl Dunn & team, E Company (Video cannot be posted here, please visit our County Facebook page!)