Two new Cadet Sergeant Majors for 1 Company

Two new Cadet Sergeant Majors for 1 Company

18 November 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Acting 1 Company Commander Captain Collinge has had the pleasure of promoting two 1 Coy cadets to the rank of Cadet Sergeant Major.

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Cdt Sgt Major Killgallan receives his promotion.

After a really tough promotion board two weeks ago, which both cadets did incredibly well on, It was decided that Cadet Staff Sergeant Killgallan from Fletton Detachment would take up the role of Company Sergeant Major and Staff Sergeant Summersell from Wisbech Detachment would be promoted to Sergeant Major.Huge congratulations to both cadets for their hard work and devotion to the cadets. It is not usual to have two Company Sergeant Majors in a Company, however because both cadets were scored so closely on the board, it was decided to promote both of them.

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Cdt Sgt Major Summersell receives his promotion.

Cadet Sergeant Major Killgallan now has the huge task of supporting the Company during camps, as well as being a good role model to new cadets into the company. Cadet Sergeant Major Summersell will also be able to help support 1 Coy when he can, as well as being able to support younger cadets when on camps.

Text by Captain Heather Bradbury.