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Training Successes!

It was another fantastic night for our Episkopi detachment with 19 cadets on parade, including new recruits!

Training Successes!

10 June 2021

  • Cyprus ACF

With the sun setting in the background and following current guidelines, the two training bubbles worked in earnest towards achieving subject passes for their star levels.

For the Junior Training Group, the focus was on map and compass skills, whilst the Seniors were working on 2* drill and learning how to command a squad. The cadets worked incredibly hard and had a fantastic time - we’re sure that there will be some certificates and maybe even promotions on the horizon soon!

Tonight was also bittersweet, as it was also the final parade night for one cadet who will be leaving soon. Being based in Cyprus on the base at Episkopi, there is always a lot of coming and going as families arrive and leave at the end of their posting. This evening, it was time to say goodbye to Cadet Hazeldine, who is returning to the UK with her family. We wish them safe travels, and hope that Cadet Hazeldine decides to continue her training back in the UK. Who knows, we may even meet up again at a National Event!

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