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Tisbury Detachment

Promotion and Presentation Evening

Tisbury Detachment

10 December 2021

  • Wiltshire ACF
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On December 7th, 2021 Tisbury Detachment, from C (Arakan) Company, held a Promotion and Presentation Evening to reward the hard work and acknowledge our Cadets and Adult Volunteers

In attendance were Colonel R Stephenson, Commandant Colonel B Haggerty, RSMI R Hearn, C Company, OC Maj A Emery, CSMI I Land and Company Training Officer SMI Hargreaves

The OC, Maj Emery, said it was a very well-run and organised event, celebrating the amazing achievements of our Army Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. Clearly, the DC, SMI Baker, and Tisbury Detachment Instructors had put a lot of time and effort into making this event a success and memorable for the Cadets

The list of promotions and awards are :


  • Cdt Forcey promoted to Lance Corporal
  • L/Cpl Miles promoted to Corporal
  • L/Cpl Castle promoted to Corporal


  • Best Cadet - Cdt SSGT J Dennett
  • Best Attendance Cdt LCpl I Forcey
  • Best Endeavour Cdt LCpl I Forcey
  • Best Shot Cdt M Burt
  • The Cadets Cadet - Cdt SSGT M Batten
  • Best Newcomer- Cdt M Burt
  • Best Uniform- Cdt Cpl E Castle
  • Most Supportive - Cdt Cpl E Castle
  • John Baker Diversity Award - Cdt Cpl E Castle