Tigers 10 K1

Tigers 10K Challenge

A Company Support the PRWW Benevolent Fund by Taking Part in This Year's Tiger's 10K Walk

Tigers 10K Challenge

26 September 2021

  • Sussex ACF

Cadets from A Company, Sussex ACF, took on the challenge of the Tigers 10K walk this Saturday.

Cadets were motivated to take part int he event to support the PWRR Veteran's Fund, a charity close to the hear of many members of Sussex ACF.

Many of our units in Sussex ACF wear the PWRR cap badge, and ahve close tied to the regiment, and to be able to raise money for those both currently serving, or who have served is an honour for both cadets and CFAVs alike.

The route that the cadets walked was designed to challenge them both physically, as well as putting their expedition and Countryside Code skills to the test. In groups they headed from Beachy Head, and travelled through the stunning Sussex countryside taking in both the views, and the fantastic weather.

A halfway checkpoint, with opportunities to refuel and take on more water, showed the cadets to be in good spirits and keen to get the job done.

A final push and the route was completed before they knew it. Once again another fantastic effort from all involved.

So far, over £800 has been raised by their efforts, and there's still time to donate if you wish to. You can find more information at their Just Giving page. Tigers 10K Fundraising Link

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