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The Zoom Sessions - A Visit from the Royal Welsh!

Cadets and adults from D Company were treated to an evening with members of The Royal Welsh on Wednesday in a virtual session to share a little about their lives and backgrounds as members of the regular army.

The Zoom Sessions - A Visit from the Royal Welsh!

13 March 2021

  • Cyprus ACF

The Royal Welsh

Sergeant Francis, Corporal Lloyd and Fusilier Trinca joined the session to chat to the cadets and give them an insight into live in the regulars. The session began with some background, and discussions around the history and make-up of the regiment. The cadets were fascinated to discover that the Royal Welsh is Wales’s oldest and most decorated regiment, and that as the British Army’s most experienced armoured infantry unit, they are a key part of the only war fighting division at continual operational readiness in the UK.

The soldiers talked about their reasons for joining the army and the impact that it had had on their lives. They also shared a little of their experiences on tour, between them having been on operations in places including Iraq and Estonia, which was their most recent tour as part of Op CABRIT. Beyond this, the Welsh Warriors, as they are known, also have the opportunity to deploy abroad on exercises in Canada, The USA, Germany, Cyprus, Brunei, Kenya and many more. Adventurous training and sports opportunities were also discussed, as well as many of the wider opportunities for travel and other experiences that life with the Army brings.

Cadets who attended the session are rightly proud to be affiliated to the Regiment and proudly wear the cap badge of The Royal Welsh on their berets. They thoroughly enjoyed the evening, which also included the opportunity to ask questions, and, as always their behaviour and presentation was exemplary, as we would expect from G&P cadets.

We would like to offer a huge thank you to Sergeant Francis and his team for giving up their evening to share their experiences with the cadets, and look forward to the time when we can meet face-to- face to share training opportunities. Thank you also to the adults involved for arranging something a little different!




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