The Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre

Cambs cadets tell us about the course

The Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre

13 March 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

The Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre (SCIC) is an optional 4-Star course designed to increase knowledge of the techniques of instruction, building on skills learned at the Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre (JCIC) and give cadets greater leadership experience.

Candidates need to have demonstrated sound knowledge of all subjects up to and including 3-Star level and must have already proved their abilities through their performance on the JCIC. Cadets at the SCIC learn how to instruct up to and including 2-Star standard cadets in drill, turnout and military knowledge; skill-at-arms; fieldcraft; and navigation.

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Staff Cdt Sgt Bugg (back right) and her Section.

Staff Cadet Sgt Grace Bugg of Newmarket Detachment attended the course 11th-17th February at Chilwell Cadet Training Centre, Nottingham. She said: ‘the course was based on following CFIT (Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques) to allow us to become competent cadet instructors and give the cadets we teach a better learning experience. The course also gave me an insight into how effective lessons are taught. SCIC was very different to JCIC as, for starters, SCIC was longer, and JCIC was focused on introducing teaching and the basics, whereas SCIC was a lot more in-depth and focused on how lessons are structured.’

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Cdt Sgt Bowler-Legate (front left) & her Section.

‘I would highly recommend this course, not only for progressing through cadets but also using the techniques in civilian life. I enjoyed it a lot since I am a very keen teacher within the cadet force, and I am constantly wanting to learn more and improve my teaching ability which in turn improves the quality of the cadets learning and ultimately results in them enjoying it more. I also enjoyed meeting other cadets from all over the country and getting to know new instructors and their ways of teaching. They made the course fun and interesting, especially in the 24 hour fieldcraft exercise Wednesday-Thursday. I felt very supported and comfortable with my training, and that was due to my peers and instructors. I would advise other cadets going on the course is to be very well prepared with their packing and preparation, as well as being prepared to work hard, but not forgetting to have fun and enjoy it!’

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Sgts Bowler-Legate & Bugg with their certificates.

Cadet Sgt Sam Bowler-Legate attended the course at the same time, although working in a different Section. She said: ‘After getting there on Friday night we had a briefing and met all of our adults, we then had time to meet our sections and the other cadets. Saturday we had briefings and then relearnt CFIT. From Sunday until Tuesday we planned and then taught lessons that were theory, drill and fieldcraft based. I personally did the Phoenetic Alphabet, Right Incline and Moving Without a Rifle. On Wednesday morning we went on a journey to Beckingham and learnt fieldcraft specifics to help us also obtain 4* Fieldcraft. We had our harbour area in a barn, which was amazing considering the weather! One of my favourite aspects was Training in a Built Up Area (TIBUA), as we don't get to do it regularly in Cambridge. After that, it was a 3 hour rifle cleaning, pack and then the long drive home.’

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Cdt Cpl Moule (right) and friends.

Also on the course was Cadet Cpl Sophie Moule, a cadet at St Neots Detachment and also with the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at Kimbolton School. She said: 'Friday evening saw us arrive and receive a briefing, followed by breaking into our Sections which we would stay in for the week. There were five Sections, each with about 7 cadets in. The first half of the course followed a similar pattern of delivering our lessons to the rest of our section, receiving feedback and preparing for our next assessment. Tuesday afternoon saw us preparing and receiving orders for our fieldcraft exercise which took place on Wednesday and Thursday.'

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Cpl Moule (front middle) & her Section.

'We travelled to Beckingham on Wednesday morning and received our weapons and patrolled to our first activity (ambush theory), followed by Section attack formations and TIBUA (there was a disused farmhouse which we had to clear by running in and firing blank rounds at any enemies we found). After this, we received a demonstration from the Royal Artillery, followed by our final stand (activity) which was Platoon harbour drills. On completing this, we patrolled back to our administration point and received orders and rehearsed our Platoon attack for the following morning. We were up in good time and successfully destroyed the enemy position before sunrise, and this was my favourite part of the course. I was Section Commander, which meant I had a lot of responsibility, but the support from my section was amazing.’

IMG 8388

Cpl Moule (front) leads her section.

She went on: ‘The SCIC has to be the best experience I have ever had in my cadet career, and one of the best experiences of my life, concreting my ambitions to join the Army as an officer. It has given me the opportunity to develop my skills as in instructor and leader, as well as building on my confidence and communication skills. I have also met some amazing, like-minded people who will be friends for life. Overall, I would 100 percent recommend this course to any cadet who is looking for a challenge but wants to strengthen their skills as an instructor and make some amazing friends, whilst experiencing some of the best opportunities possible in the cadet world.’

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Cpl Moule being congratulated by our Commandant

Text by Cdt Sgt Grace Bugg, Cdt Sgt Samantha Bowler-Legate, Cdt Cpl Sophie Moule and SI Doug Stuart.