The Royal Hampshire Cup Competition 2021

Over Halloween Weekend, 8 Cadets from each Company took part in this year’s Royal Hampshire Cup Competition.

The Royal Hampshire Cup Competition 2021

2 November 2021

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF

Over the weekend 29 – 31 October, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Cadets descended on the Cadet Training Centre, Langley Lines ahead of the start of this years Royal Hampshire Cup Competition. An inter-company skills competition, the Hampshire Cup is a yearly competition which tests the knowledge, skills, and teamwork of a select of Cadets from each Company. The results of this, and other competitions throughout the year, form part of the scores for the Champion Company Competition.

Arriving Friday night, the cadets received the team brief and picked their running order for the start of the competition in the morning. They were then given the main events list and required kit lists for each of the stands to ensure the rest of their team had all the equipment they will need.

Saturday morning began with a hearty breakfast before everyone head off to the Parade Square to undertake their Turn Out inspection with the RSM.

The level of turnout was impressive overall. It was clear to see the Cadets put a lot of work into maintaining their uniforms ahead of the competition.

RSMI A Harris, County Regimental Sergeant Major

As soon as the inspection was completed, the teams made their way to their first stand. At each of the stands, the cadets would receive a short brief about the aim they needed to achieve before they got stuck in. They faced a Drill routine, Navigation challenges, Signals procedures, Command task, Shooting Grouping, and a First Aid scenario.

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Throughout the day, teams rotated through the individual stands, ensuring they are doing their best to work together as a team, utilise their knowledge and skills in each area, to pick up as many points as possible. After giving it their all, the teams returned to the Cadet Training Centre where they were able to regroup and rest ahead of the final part of the competition on Sunday.

Well rested, the teams returned to the parade square on Sunday morning for the brief for their final stand, the Scurry! A quick-fire shooting competition, the scurry tested the accuracy of the Cadets’ shooting ability after undertaking a short round of physical activity.

The Cadets gave their all during this year’s competition which made for a close result! Well done to everyone who competed, some fantastic teamwork throughout

Maj G Watson, SO2 Cadet Training

The results were calculated, and it was very clear that the level of competition was high this year, with some very close scores!

Each stand was placed, and the winners were:

Drill and Turnout – Barrosa Company

Fieldcraft – Minden Company

First Aid – Minden Company

Shooting Grouping – Normandy Company

Signals – Barrosa Company

Command Task – Barrosa Company

Navigation – Gallipoli Company

Scurry – Gallipoli Company

As you can see, a wide spread of top scores were achieved! Now for the overall placings… Drum roll!

In fifth place, Gallipoli Company with 20 points.

In fourth place, Normandy Company with 21 points.

In third place, Cambrai Company with 27 points.

In second place, Barrosa Company with 28 points.

And in first place, Minden Company with an impressive 30 points!

Well done to all the Cadets who took part; it was a tight competition this year! Thank you to Maj Watson and the team for organising the competition and ensuring it’s smooth running over the weekend. It was fantastic to get back face-to-face after missing out last year.

Col T Farmer, County Commandant